Welcome to The Source, the online sortable database of diversity, anti-oppression, and community-building activities developed by DiversityWorks.  We invite you to use this tool to strengthen your trainings, introduce new material, and work towards creating a more just world. You can start using The Source by initiating a search, but please be sure to read the disclaimer below before doing so.

We hope that in addition to using The Source, you’ll also offer feedback on the current activities, submit new activities, and contribute to the continued development of this resource.

The development of The Source has been mostly volunteer-driven and has taken several thousand hours and tens of thousands of dollars to get it to where it is today.  And it’s still not where we want it to be.  We hope to add hundreds more activities and have bold ideas for add-on components.  We hope that you will support our efforts to keep it updated and free by donating today.

Future iterations of The Source will include complete workshop agendas where ideas on how activities can be used in conjunction with one another will be shared.  We’ll also have a discussion board, and a place to learn more about videos and books dealing with the subjects that are found within The Source.

Many of the activities in The Source deal with very delicate and powerful topics.  We hope that you will use them with appropriate care.  Many are NOT stand-alone activities and should be couched within a larger context that is sensitive and developmentally appropriate for the group with which you are working.  In many cases, this involves you as the trainer doing your own homework, learning about the complexity of the issues involved, anticipating what might come up and having resources available.  This is not meant to scare you away from using these activities, be we caution you to use them with care.  Thank you!

We had hoped to publish The Source more than five years ago. It's been a larger project than any of us expected, and we're thrilled to finally have it published. We are indebted to a large number of people who logged countless hours to bring this resource to life and to The San Francisco Foundation who helped give us some seed funding. A very special thanks goes to Eric Hamako, who really got The Source off the ground by taking stock of the project 7 years ago, and creating a plan for moving forward. We also had a pool of interns who initially inputted hundreds of activities, a handful of volunteers who reviewed everything in the database, and three people who edited and reformatted all the activities to what you see today. While we know that we're leaving some people out, we'd like to acknowledge the invaluable work of Javarte Bobino, Judi Javier-Casillas, J Moses Ceaser, Duffy Ross, Mika Cade, Jessica Van Tuyl, Pia Guerrero, Daniela de Vasques, Michael Johnson, Megan Cain, and Sarah Jefferson. In addition to all of these, we'd also like to thank all of the DCITY Reps, The Spot coordinators, and former DiversityWorks staffers Kris Woolery, Sandra Wexler, Pi'ikea Hardy-Kahaleoumi, Christ Pearson, Andreana Clay, and Ariana Proehl, Bettina Mok, and Jasmine Syedullah for bringing many new activities to the organization, and for testing them out and honing them in real-life workshops. Thank you, thank you, thank you!